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Faucet Repair Services

Learn more about Faucet Problems

Faucets are an important part of any home. They allow you to wash your hands, scrub the dishes, draw a bath and so much more. When there’s a faucet problem in your home, it can not only be inconvenient and frustrating, but also difficult to fix on your own. At Sobo Plumbing, our experts are ready to help with any faucet or plumbing issue you may have.

Our licensed technicians will handle all the details of your installation quickly and efficiently, saving you the inconvenience of crawling under the sink, disconnecting and reconnecting water lines and troubleshooting any leaks.

Common faucet and sink issues include:

     1. Leaky faucets

     2. Low water pressure

     3. Rusting or staining

     4. No water coming out

     5. Broken handles

     6. Noisy faucets

While homeowners may be tempted to take a quick trip to their local hardware store and attempt a DIY job, it’s safer to call a professional rather than risk trying to fix it themselves. DIY jobs may be fine for small problems, but for more serious plumbing and faucet problems, attempting to do it yourself can cause even bigger problems. Sobo Plumbing proudly offers services from expert plumbers who are licensed and insured, and who can tackle just about any plumbing problem that you may have.


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We'll come to your home and figure out where the clog is, so we know how best to clear it. No matter where the clog is located, we'll give you the most economical option to clear it, along with straightforward pricing.