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Toilets, Urinals, Bidets

Dealing with toilet, bidet, or urinal issues can be a major headache. Whether it’s a constantly leaking, malfunctioning, or clogging these plumbing problems disrupt your daily life and create unnecessary stress.

Say goodbye to pesky plumbing issues, wasteful water leaks, and outdated fixtures. With Sobo Plumbing experienced plumbers, you’ll enjoy a well-functioning bathroom that enhances your daily comfort, saves water, and adds value to your property.

Toilet, Bidet, Urinals

We offer an array of residential and commercial services: from hassle-free toilet replacements that bring modern efficiency to your bathroom, to precision bidet installations that redefine personal hygiene, and comprehensive urinal maintenance that ensures smooth operations in commercial spaces – our team ensures your fixtures function at their best.

Contact Sobo Plumbing today to request service for your toilet, bidet, urinals.


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We'll come to your home and figure out where the clog is, so we know how best to clear it. No matter where the clog is located, we'll give you the most economical option to clear it, along with straightforward pricing.